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Life is a beach!

Publié par Barbieboy


Life is a beach!  If it is still too cold for you to wear your swimsuit, it is already warm enough for the latest Barbie Basics Collection designed by Vill Greening.  They wear different styles of swimsuit, with attractive colors, and each has a big gold beach bag and a scarf.  Since the idea of the Basics Collection is to customize, you can also use the accessory packs.  I really love this new collection!  In less than 3 months, me too, I will wear my swimming trunks.  But I am not sure that I will look as great as these beauties!

For more pictures, click on the Barbie Basics Photo Album!

Basics Col 03 Group Shot

Basics Col 03 Group Shot (1)

Basics Col 03 Group Shot (2)

Basics Col 03 Fashion Pack

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