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Tu es très belle, Tulabelle!

Publié par Barbieboy

I wanted to limit my collection to 12" dolls, but sometimes I just can't resist 16" dolls.  Especially when I saw promotional pictures of Tulabelle, the new line from Integrity Toys designed by David Buttry.  Tulabelle is a young influential fashion blogger, and guess what?  Her grandmother is Poppy Parker! 
I orderred two Tulabelle dolls and here's one of them that I received earlier this week.  She's the Blond Basic Tulabelle Doll and a Limited Edition of 300 Dolls.  Her name is "J’Adore" and she wears a striped top with J'adore written on it, and a hot pink mini skirt. Isn't she adorable?

Tulabelle J'adore (2)

Tulabelle J'adore (1)

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