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  • An angel is watching you...

    05 mars 2010 ( #Fantasy )

    “A real friend is like an angel who warms you by her presence and remembers you in her prayers.”

  • M·A·C Barbie Doll

    04 mars 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    This doll is so simple but elegant. She is one of my favorite dolls of all time...

  • Barbie Basics Collection 1 part 3

    27 février 2010 ( #Barbie Basics )

    Here are the last six! Have you made your choice?

  • DOTW Italy 2010

    14 février 2010 ( #DOTW )

    This is the first DOTW we bought in 2010. I gave her to my friend as a Valentine's Day gift, with a note that says: Buon San Valentino. Ti amo con tutta l'anima. Un milione di baci, Barbieboy

  • Jazz Baby Series

    08 février 2010 ( #Series )

    I love the Jazz Baby dolls! They feature the fully pivotal body with 12 points of articulations. There are one Jazz Diva, one Mistress of the Ceremony and three Cabaret Dancers!

  • David's Bridal Romance

    07 février 2010 ( #Brides )

    Three beautiful brides with different nationalities! What a great idea!

  • Barbie Parisienne Pretty

    05 février 2010 ( #Silkstone )

    I am in love! I think that she is one of the most beautiful silkstone dolls! There was a problem about some dolls having green ears because of the earrings, but I just hope that it won't happen to MY Parisienne Pretty! Maybe I should take the earrings...

  • Barbie Kate Spade

    05 février 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    I didn't plan to buy her, actually. But I saw her at a nice price and grabbed the opportunity and I do not regret it! She is more beautiful than I expected!

  • Barbie Lilly Pulitzer

    05 février 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    Lilly Pullitzer par barbieboy.over-blog.com

  • Barbie Byron Lars Treasures of Africa

    05 février 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    Byron Lars is one of my favorite designers for Barbie dolls. I just love the Treasure of Africa series! A very unique and creative collection!

  • Barbie Convention 2007 Dallas Darlin'

    05 février 2010 ( #Convention Dolls )

    It took me quite a while to finally have these pretty ladies! I love them both! The brunette is an edition of 750 dolls and the blond is an edition of 225 dolls. There is also an AA version, but hey, we can't have everything, right?

  • The glamorous Allure

    22 septembre 2012

    After Illumination, Allure is the second monogram that I bought. Like other Monogram dolls, she is very beautifully made. With her elegant long white dress and large red coat, she reminds me of a glamorous Hollywood film star. Stunning!

  • Finally!

    16 juillet 2013

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