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  • Are you a true Barbie fan?

    20 avril 2012 ( #Silkstone )

    Here are two different dolls. One is a playline, the other is a collectible. One is made of plastic, the other is made of silkstone. But both dolls have something in common. Can you tell what it is? If you can, you are a true Barbie fan!

  • Ken and Barbie as Merlin and Morgan Le Fay

    28 octobre 2011 ( #Series )

    I am so happy! Finally this set arrived in my hands last week. I am sure you know them, Merlin and Morgan Le Fay from the Magic and Mystery series. I never thought that I’d say this, but Ken is quite handsome with his long beard! (And Barbie is stunning...

  • Goddess of the Galaxy

    14 août 2011 ( #Designer dolls )

    I finally found the time to take some pictures of this beauty. Here is the Goddess of the Galaxy designed by Bill Greening. Isn’t she just fabulous? I love her outfit and I find her make up amazing! I am so glad to have her in my collection!

  • Barbie Collector 2011 Catalogue

    12 août 2011 ( #Books )

    Here is a gift I received from my friend Nat (Lady Barbie): a Barbie Collector 2011 Catalogue from France! The pictures are stunning! Thanks a lot, Nat! (PS. Check out her blog at http://ladybarbie4.wordpress.com/ !)

  • Batik Princess

    21 mai 2011 ( #Miscellaneous )

    Here is one of the latest Barbie dolls that I received. She was inspired by Batik, the traditional fabric of Indonesia. I was there one month a go, but I miss my country already…

  • Last post of 2010: Merry Christmas!

    24 décembre 2010 ( #Holiday dolls )

    I would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a very happy new year 2011. Thank you for your support for this blog. It is great to get in touch with people who share the same passion! PS. We are having a white christmas in Belgium!

  • Avon Exclusives Rose Splendor Barbie

    11 novembre 2010 ( #Sisters )

    Here are the latest Avon Exclusive Barbie dolls. You can choose between the caucasian or the AA version. I love them both, they are so cute !

  • Palm Beach Coral

    17 octobre 2010 ( #Silkstone )

    Here is the last doll from the Palm Beach collection that I received not long ago. I really like her gown. It is a pity that the Sugar Daddy Ken was cancelled. I would love to have him too! To see the other dolls from this collection, visit the silkstones...

  • Judith Leiber

    16 octobre 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    I thought that to have her was only a dream that would never come true... I am so glad that finally this Judith Leiber Barbie Doll is a part of my collection!

  • Let's take a walk in London!

    14 octobre 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    I love dolls with red hair ! Especially this one ! She is so chic in her Burberry outfit !

  • The Pop Icon

    14 octobre 2010 ( #Repros )

    Anew doll in my collection, the Pop Icon ! She uses the superstar headmold (that I find really cute) and the dress is adorable ! A true icon !

  • Ferrari Barbie Dolls

    11 septembre 2010 ( #Series )

    These are two dolls from the Ferrari barbie series. One wears casual outfits and the other wears an elegant evening gown. Which one do you prefer ?

  • Barbie 2004 Convention

    28 août 2010 ( #Convention Dolls )

    This is a very beautiful doll from the 2004 Connvention in Chicago. Other dolls with redhead or in AA version also exist.

  • A small test for your eyes!

    28 août 2010 ( #DOTW )

    Can someone tell me what these dolls have in common?

  • Barbie and Her Wig Wardrobe

    28 août 2010 ( #Repros )

    This repro of Fashion Queen designed by Bill Greening comes with three wigs: a blonde bubble cut, brunette pageboy, and a red flip, along with a wig stand. A perfect gift for those who like changing Barbie dolls’ looks !

  • Barbie Basics Collection 1.5

    28 août 2010 ( #Barbie Basics )

    Here are the basic dolls from the Collection 1.5. Still in simple black dress, but with a little touch of pink !

  • Empress Josephine™ Barbie doll

    16 août 2010 ( #Series )

    This is an extremely rare doll from the Women of Royalty series with no more than 4,500 units produced worldwide. Need I say more ? Enjoy the pictures !

  • Here are the new Fashionistas!

    16 août 2010 ( #Playlines )

    Here are some new Fashionista Dolls that I received for my birthday. Ken, in this second wave, is sporty, but for me he is always a hottie ! (His name in the first wave) Sassy and Sweetie with more accessories ! The Best Friends collections, each set...

  • High Tea and Savories Barbie Doll Giftset

    16 août 2010 ( #Silkstone )

    When I drink my cup of tea in the morning, I wear a short and my old t-shirt. When Barbie is invited to a tea party, this is how she dresses !

  • Harley-Davidson Barbie And Ken Giftset

    16 août 2010 ( #Couples )

    I must admit that they are a perfect couple ! Just look at the way Ken holds Barbie’s hand ! Yes, Barbie and Ken come to stay with us and they arrived on their motorcycle : Harley-Davidson !

  • Sparkling Pink and Wedding Day

    16 août 2010 ( #Repros )

    I don’t know much about vintage Barbie dolls but I am glad that Mattel has decided to make some repros for us ! After the six dolls from « My Favorite Doll » series, these sets are the next ones in my collections : Sparkling Pink (Gold Label) and Wedding...

  • Silkstone Ravishing in Rouge

    14 mai 2010 ( #Silkstone )

    Finally, I can have one of my favourite silkstone dolls in my hands. Ravishing in Rouge is even prettier than in the promotional pictures !

  • Fantasy dolls

    08 mai 2010 ( #Fantasy )

    The arrival or Athena makes me want to tke pictures of the two previous dolls in this collection. My favourite is still Medusa, with the serpents-like hair and the snake eyes, but they are all very beautiful!

  • Christian Louboutin No. 2 Dolly Forever

    07 avril 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    Dolly Forever is the second doll created by Christian Louboutin. She is cuter than the first one (Cat Burglar). Her pink boots go really well with ther safari dress, and I have always been a fan of redheads ! As usual, three pairs of shoes also included...

  • Barbie Festive and Fabulous

    12 mars 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    This beautiful doll was designed by Robert Best. She is a Barbie Fan Club Exclusive for 2007. The Barbie Fan Club dolls are produced in limited quantities, usually less than 5000 pieces worldwide. Isn't she lovely?

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