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    09 février 2010 ( #Designer dolls )

    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BARBIE DOLL - 2009 - 1ST IN SERIES The first doll in this series of three comes straight from the calendar’s September scene—Barbie vividly dreaming of being a jewel thief on the rooftops of Paris with her sophisticated partner in...

  • Barbie Debut Blond and AA

    08 février 2010 ( #Silkstone )

    How does Mattel decide how many dolls will be made? The blond doll is an edition of 18,000 pcs worldwide, and there are only 6,500 dolls of the AA version. And they are sold at the same price... I don't get it... The brunette version was given at the...

  • Barbie Convention 2009 Gala Tribute

    07 février 2010 ( #Convention Dolls )

    In celebration of this unique history and the 2009 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, Tribute Barbie Giftset features two extraordinary Barbie dolls. Acclaimed former Mattel Barbie doll designer CAROL SPENCER creates a striking black and white...

  • Barbie Convention 2008 Joie de Vivre

    07 février 2010 ( #Convention Dolls )

    The doll was designed by Marirose for the 2008 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention. The gown, inspired by Paramount Pictures’ 1957 musical comedy "Funny Face", is made of red satin with tiny bows on the turn-down bodice and at the top of the train....

  • Barbie Convention 1998 A Date With Barbie in Atlanta

    05 février 2010 ( #Convention Dolls )

    I like buying convention dolls... IF I could afford it (since most convention dolls are so expensive! ) Got this one a few weeks ago, but I then noticed that she doesn't have her necklace. Apparently, the necklace arrived late at the convention and was...

  • Tu es très belle, Tulabelle!

    16 juin 2013

    I wanted to limit my collection to 12" dolls, but sometimes I just can't resist 16" dolls. Especially when I saw promotional pictures of Tulabelle, the new line from Integrity Toys designed by David Buttry. Tulabelle is a young influential fashion blogger,...

  • Be true! Be You! Have MOXIE!

    08 juin 2013

    When I went to the Netherlands last week, I found these dolls on sale in a store. They were so cute that I decided to buy them. The Moxie Girlz is a line of fashion dolls introduced by MGA Entertainment (which is also the manufacturer of Bratz) in 2009....

  • A picture is worth a thousand words... It's Picture Day!

    04 juin 2013

    It feels like christmas in June! When I got home yesterday, I found these dolls on the dining room table! They are gifts from my friend who knew how disappointed I was after buying the same dolls on Ebay and being cheated by the dishonest seller! (I got...

  • Danielle Scutt Barbie (Luck is on my side)

    01 juin 2013

    Sometimes some dolls are just meant to be yours! Just like this doll, which I thought could never be mine, because there are only 50 pieces made. She was designed by Danielle Scutt, and was one of three designer dolls released by Mattel in 2009 for Barbie's...

  • He's not just another bearded face!

    10 mai 2013

    I got this Playline Ken a few days ago. He's a Shave 'n Style Ken released in 1999. The box says that we can create a lot of looks for him: a goatee for the game, a moustache for the movies, or a clean shave for dinner. In fact, we can use warm water...

  • “But it is one thing to read about dragons and another to meet them.”

    01 mai 2013

    This must be one of my favorite Monster High dolls ever. Jinafire Long is the daughter of the Chinese Dragon. According to Wikipedia "Jinafire" is a play on the name "Jennifer", with "jin" ("金") being the character for "gold" or "money" in several Asian...

  • Monster High in Rome

    16 avril 2013

    When I was in Rome, I was disappointed to see that the Barbie dolls are very expensive there. Much more expensive than in Belgium ! I thought that I had no hope in bringing some dolls home to Belgium, until I saw some Monster High dolls sold... at news...

  • Home is where the heart is

    29 décembre 2012

    This is the latest doll I received in 2012, a Going Home Barbie doll. She is a gift for those parents staying at the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou as part of their adoption process. I don't have any children and I would really like to adopt one someday....

  • Tatyana Nouveau Régime... My first FR2!

    13 décembre 2012

    Here's another doll that I received recently, an FR2 and her name is Tatyana Alexandrova Nouveau Régime. I bought her because I bought another doll from the same seller so we could combine shipping, and also because her price was quite attractive. I only...

  • Bratzillaz, the glam witches!

    04 décembre 2012

    I guess the spirit of St Nicholas has taken control of my wallet ! I see parents in toy stores everywhere, trying to find the perfect toys for their children. I don’t have one yet, but hey, I can give ME something, right? So, I decided to make myself...

  • The joy of deboxing!!!

    12 novembre 2012

    I received this Erin You Look So Fine this morning, and yes, I deboxed her! Ok, not really, since I bought her nude. But she was sent to me still attached to her box. I took her out, I put on some gowns made by an Indonesian friend (Tsuki Chan) on her,...

  • Her beauty is not only skin deep!

    09 novembre 2012

    I am more and more in love with FR16 dolls, especially when it's about a powerful woman. Here's the latest one that arrived a few days ago, Main Feature Elsa Lin. The story says that she is the head beauty editor of "The Wall" and is feared by the cosmetics...

  • She pulls me like a magnet!

    03 novembre 2012

    I've always had a thing for redheads! After Illumination and Allure, Magnetism is the third Monogram that I bought. She arrived last week all the way from Australia. She was the Doll in Oz Convention 2010 Companion Doll and there were only 300 units available....

  • Introducing Lukas Maverick!

    21 octobre 2012

    I would like to introduce you to the first doll from Integrity Toys that I bought. Here's Lukas Maverick from the Nu.Face collection. He was released in 2009 and is an edition of 1000 dolls worldwide. I always thought of myself as a loyal Barbie collector,...

  • In a doll's world, it is possible to have spring in October!

    09 octobre 2012

    I don't feel well today, but the arrival of this doll this morning really cheered me up! Here's Poppy Parker Fashion Teen "Spring Morning" from Integrity Toys. She is a 16" version of Poppy Parker (You will know that she is 16" by the "Fashion Teen" brand...

  • Cancer is a word, not a sentence ~ John Diamond

    05 octobre 2012

    October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), and this time, I would like to feature this Pink Ribbon Barbie doll released by Mattel on 7/15/2006. Robert Best created her as a tribute to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. There are two...

  • Blossom in Japan

    15 septembre 2012

    I've told myself so many times to limit my collection to Barbie dolls only. I think that I keep my promise quite well, since this is only the third Integrity Toys doll that I bought. I am a fan of dolls of the world and I fell in love with this Giselle...

  • My first Monogram!

    27 avril 2012

    Ok, ok, I've been bad! I promised myself to only collect Barbies and to never take a closer look at other girls. But I broke my promise when I saw this doll. She is the FR Monogram Illumination Holiday Dressed Doll and a Limited Edition of 300 pieces...

  • It's time for vacation!

    07 juillet 2013

    I really love the Victoire Roux dolls from Integrity Toys. I just received one last week. This is Saint Tropez from the 2012 Tropicalia Convention. Doesn't she make you want to go on vacation?

  • Yellow is my color!

    11 octobre 2012 ( #Silkstone )

    Here's my Gala Gown Barbie that I received earlier this week. She is the last doll from the Atelier collection. This is the first time I see a silkstone wear something of this color, and I think it suits her. Isn't she breathtaking?

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