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She rides the wind...

Publié par Barbieboy

When I was searching for a doll in my Barbie Room, I saw this doll that I bought last year, and remember that I haven't made an article about her!  Here is the Wind Rider Barbie doll, designed by Sharon Zuckerman, and released on 8/1/2006.  There are No more than 5,400 units produced worldwide.  I love Native American dolls, but to be honest, first I thought that it was a Ken!  When I took a closer look, I can see how beautiful she is! 
Here's what Mattel says about her:
"Inspired by the spirit of the Native American world and the glory of the eagle, Wind Rider™ Barbie® doll represents a woman who walks reverently through sacred land full of ancestral wisdom. At one with Mother Earth, the woman passes under Father Sky as part of the circle of life imbued with the majestic Native American heritage as beautiful as a dream."
I can't say it better!

Wind Rider

Wind Rider (1)

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BCP 13/08/2012 12:58

Elle est vraiment sublime... La plus belle de la collection peut-être

Barbieboy 08/09/2012 06:42

Elle fait partie de mes préférées!

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