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My Barbie Books

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I just received two Barbie books as christmas gifts from my brother in law.  The Barbie a Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder and the Barbie doll Around the World by Augustyniak.  I haven’t finished reading them yet, but from a quick look, they seem interesting.  Sandi’s book helps me understand the history of Barbie, and Augustyniak’s book is filled with pictures of dolls only available in certain countries (I just found out that my five Fashion Fever Girls Aloud dolls are included as European Exclusives !)

In the photo, you can also find other books that I have.  The Barbie Doll Collector’s Edition 2008 is the one I read the most, since most of the dolls I collect can be found in it.  How about you ?  Which books do you have ?

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