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Marie Antoinette Barbie

Publié par Barbieboy

Here is the doll that I have been longing for since the first day I start collecting Barbies.  Marie Antoinette.  I almost gave up because it seemed like it’s harder and harder to get her, and her price was getting higher and higher !  Until one day, a very nice friend offered me hers at a friendly price !  (Thanks a lot, Brigitte !)

Now, I am glad that this collection is now complete.  I can stop collecting Barbie dolls now…   Just kidding !

WOR Marie Antoinette

WOR Marie Antoinette (1)

WOR Marie Antoinette (2)

WOR Marie Antoinette (3)

WOR Marie Antoinette (4)

Click here for the two other dolls from this collection:

Queen Elizabeth I

Empress Josephine™ Barbie doll

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BCP 19/09/2011 20:36

I agree with you, Marie Antoinette is the best doll ever made and the Women of Royalty Series, the fairest collection ! I dream of having this doll for many many many years... I just have Queen
Elizabeth for the moment, I hope to get Josephine soon. Very nice blog, visit mine (http://barbiecollectorpassion.blogspot.com/) !
Sorry for my bad English,


Barbieboy 21/09/2011 19:39

Merci d'avoir visité mon blog! J'ai visité le vôtre, et c'est vraiment genial! Votre collection est superbe! D'accord pour Marie Antoinette, elle est très belle! J'espère que vous en trouverez une
un jour! ;-) PS. Your english is perfect! ;-)

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