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Let's Rock!

Publié par Barbieboy

There aren't that many collectible Tommy dolls, and I can't understand why.  Because when I look at this giftset that I received this week, they are so cute!  Here is the Tommy Doll as Elvis Giftset.  It was designed by Sharon Zuckerman and released on 12/1/2003.  The one in the middle wears a golden suit worn by Elvis at the 1957 concert in Toronto. The one on the right wears the Elvis Eagle jumpsuit from 1973. The one on the left wears a black jacket and pants, an outfit based on Elvis' 1957 film, Jailhouse Rock. When you see how adorable these dolls are, don't you just want to love them tender?

Tommy As Elvis (1)

Tommy As Elvis (4)

Tommy As Elvis (3)

Tommy As Elvis (2)

Tommy As Elvis (5)

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