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I will carry you...

Publié par Barbieboy

I've been looking for this for a long time, but could only weep because of the high price.  A few weeks ago, I found it on Ebay and put a first bid on it at the low starting price.  I had to go to Rome before the auction ended.  Five minutes before departure, I wanted to put a higher bid, but it was impossible to do it because of Internet connection problem.  I gave up and thought that it could never be mine...
But when I came back from vacations, I found out that I was the only bidder and I won!  Didn't the others know what this is and how rare it is?
It's the very first wardrobe carrying case designed exclusively for Silkstones, released by Mattel on 2/1/2003. It has a brass-plated plaque inscribed with Barbie Fashion Model Collection, a brass lock and a carrying handle. It also includes six drawers, hanging room and a mirror.  Normally it comes with six hangers, but mine only has three since it's not completely new, but I don't mind for the price I paid!
Do I need to tell you how happy I am?  LOL!

BFMC Carrying Case (1)

BFMC Carrying Case (2)

BFMC Carrying Case (3)

BFMC Carrying Case (4)

BFMC Carrying Case (5)

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