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Excuse me, where is the toilet?

Publié par Barbieboy

I had a problem with one of the dolls I bought today, but fortunately, not everything was a disaster.  I received another package which I'm very happy with: Sindy's bathroom!  There are her toilet, her bath, and her washbasin unit, and they all came in their original box!  I'm not too familiar with this brand made by Pedigree, but apparently the doll was very popular in Europe.  Since she has about the same size as Barbie or FR, I used my Erin to show the bathroom!  Cute, don't you think?

Sindy's Bathroom Set

Sindy's Bathroom Set (3)

Sindy's Bathroom Set (2)

Sindy's Bathroom Set (1)

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tessdu60 22/01/2013 19:07

Beau blog
Comment lire les écritures en Français ?

Barbieboy 09/02/2013 17:27

Merci!  Euh, je ne pense pas que ce soit possible de le lire en français...

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