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Diamonds are a boy's best friend

Publié par Barbieboy

Diamonds are a girl's best friend?  Maybe, but they are a boy's best friend too!  No, I am not into jewelries.  I am talking about a certain doll coverred with diamonds!  Yes, you're right!  It's The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie Doll created by Phillipe and David Blond.  A few days ago, I received this gorgeous  that I won in a photo contest in a Barbie forum!  I wanted to have her since the day Mattel showed her picture!  Now she's mine! I am so happy!  And I am even happier because thanks to this contest I could find two really nice people, Marc and sandrine.  Don't people always say, that true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare?

Blond Diamond (3)

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