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Batik Princess

Publié par Barbieboy

Here is one of the latest Barbie dolls that I received.  She was inspired by Batik, the traditional fabric of Indonesia.  I was there one month a go, but I miss my country already…

Batik Princess

Batik Princess (1)

Batik Princess (2)

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Barbie's fan 27/07/2011 19:03

I love ur blog ! Really !! Dolls are awesome !! When im on ur blog my eyes are shining! Well yesterday i was looking for a 2011 barbie with a green sari and gold "bordures" im sorry im french
english is not really good ... I saw it in a shop once...

Barbieboy 29/07/2011 18:53

Bonjour!  Merci pour le commentaire, ça fait plaisir!  Je parle un peu français aussi, car j'habite en Belgique!  La Barbie dont tu parlais, ce n'est pas la Barbie Holiday 2011,
par hasard?  Elle est très belle!  Bisous!

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