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Barbie Joyeux Noël

Publié par Barbieboy

In this first article of 2011, I would like to show you this doll named Barbie Joyeux Noël.  I got her as a Christmas Gift from a friend in a Barbie Forum. I like her a lot, because I didn't have her yet in my collection!  (Thanks, Themis!)

Since 2009, we have a tradition of sending a christmas gift to someone.  It is the moderator of the forum who decides with a draw the name of the person we send the gift to.  It is a very fun thing to do because each member tries to get the perfect gift that will please the addressee !  It is also a nice way to strengthen the bond among the members !  We are like a small family of collectors !

Barbie Joyeux Noël

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patoupassions 23/02/2011 09:08

Elle est trop mimi!

Barbieboy 23/02/2011 18:10


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