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Barbie hits a goal!

Publié par Barbieboy

I travelled abroad today.  I said “travel abroad”, but I actually went to Aachen in Germany.  It was not expensive.  With a Euregio train from Liege (where I live), I only had to pay 16euros for a return ticket.  In the weekends, for that price, you can also take another adult and 3 children under 12 year-old with you!

I found some I Can Be Barbies, but it’s this one that I like the most, because I didn’t know her.  Apparently, she is the Barbie I Can Be a Soccer Player, created for the women soccer competition.  On the back of the box, everything is written in german.  I understood nothing, although I think that this language is very beautiful, just like dutch!

Can you tell me if this doll is also available in your country?

I Can Be Soccer Player

I Can Be Soccer Player 1

I Can Be Soccer Player 2

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