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Barbie Gadis Bali

Publié par Barbieboy

I would like to present to you this Barbie Gadis Bali.  Gadis Bali means Balinese Girl in Indonesian, and yes, she comes from the Island of the Gods.  Her name is Ni Putu Shanti: Ni Putu is because she is a girl and the first born in the family, and Shanti means peace.  Although she is still in highschool, she pays a lot of attention to the Balinese culture and heritage and is eager to preserve them.  
She wears a costume inspired by the Balinese traditional costume.  She's participating in a parade to commemorate the independance of Indonesia, that is why you see the Indonesia's red and white flag in her hand.  
When someone compliments her beauty, she shyly says "Suksma" (thank you in balinese) and explains that her mother taught her the Balinese women's beauty secrets: salt and seaweed from the beaches, volcanic stone and earth from the mountains, and homegrown flowers, herbs, roots and grains.
My friend made me this doll and it was a wonderful surprise!  I was there about six months ago and I miss it already!  I can't wait to go there again! 

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