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Barbie Democrat Convention 2000

Publié par Barbieboy

These dolls were given to the participants of the Democrat National Convention in 2000.  There are the blond dolls, the brunette dolls, and the AA dolls.  The same dolls with different box were also given to the Republican Convention at the same year.

I bought them because not long ago, there was the national election here in Belgium.  I couldn’t vote, because I don’t have the nationality.  However, I live here, and I do hope that the new government could lead us to a better situation !

Convention Democrat

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umi 17/10/2010 16:17

j'essayerai de te l'envoyer en photo -_^

Barbieboy 17/10/2010 16:26

Merci, Umi! 

umi 12/07/2010 00:49

bravo! elles sont superbes
moi mon ami m'a envoye la barbie presidente for presidente 2009

Barbieboy 17/10/2010 09:10

Oh, elle est chouette, la Barbie Présidente!  Tu as de la chance, Umi!

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