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Barbie Convention 2010 African American

Publié par Barbieboy

Here is the picture of the African American version of the souvenir doll from the 2010 Convention in Cleveland.  I think that she is as beautiful as the Caucasian version!  I can't choose, that's why I am so lucky to have both of them!

Barbie Convention 2010 AA

To see the pictures of the caucasian version, click here:

Barbie Convention 2010

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Royalty.Girl 01/01/2011 19:53

WOW! Both dolls are amazing! You are so lucky to have both! Wish I could have the Caucasian ;)

Love your Barbie pics! Great blog!

Barbieboy 01/01/2011 20:29

Thank you very much!  You'll find your doll one day!

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