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Barbie Basics Collection 1 part 1

Publié par barbieboy.over-blog.com
Well, this week we have received a lot of Barbie dolls!  The ones that we have been waiting for are the twelve Basics with their LBD!  Today I'll show you guys the first 3!  The number 1 has a comment from Diane von Furstenberg on the side of the box, while the number two is commented by Betsey Johnson and number 3 by Michelle Smith.  They have different face molds, and it is fun to try to guess for which Barbie dolls the same face mold has been used!  Would you like to try with these three beauties?  Scroll down to find out if you know Barbie well enough!
Basics Collection 1 no. 01
Basics Collection 1 no. 02
Basics Collection 1 no. 03
The answers:
No. 1:  1992 Bob Mackie Neptune Fantasy, 2000 Between Takes, 2002 The Calla Lily, 2008 Barbie doll as Medusa, 2009 Harley-Davidson Barbie
No. 2:  1999 Generation Girl Lara, 2003 Wonder Woman, 2004 Versus, 2008 Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds
No. 3: 2003 1 Modern Circle Simone, 2008 Hello Kitty, 2009 Tarina Tarantino, 2009 Pop Life Redhead

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Sora 05/12/2011 18:37

They are wonderful !

Barbieboy 05/12/2011 20:45

Thank you very much!  I really love the Basics dolls!

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