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Ayako Jones

Publié par Barbieboy

What happens when Barbie travels ?  She might get influences from the countries she visits for her wardrobe !  I guess that’s what Byron Lars tries to portray in this new collection called the Passport Collection.  Ayako (which means « beautiful child » in japanese) has a modern touch of a kimono.  I find her really beautiful and I can’t wait to see the other dolls from this collection !  Maybe Barbie will visit my country, Indonesia, one day ?  What would her name be ?

Ayako Jones

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patoupassions 04/06/2010 15:49

Et une de plus à ajouter à mes chinoiseries! Elle est très originale!!

umi 29/03/2010 23:19

je la trouve superbe!

Barbieboy 30/03/2010 18:07

Merci, Umi!  Je savais qu'on a le même goût!

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