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A small beauty contest

Publié par Barbieboy

Two of the latest silkstones that I received : Trace of Lace and Highland Fling.  I have a bigger crush on Trace of Lace because her dress is very sexy.  She also exists with blond hair (Platinum Label) which I don’t think I could have (very expensive !)  Highland Fling is also cute, but according to a small survey I did on the Barbie Forum, Trace of Lace is the winner of this contest !  Do you agree with this result ?

Silkstone Trace of Lace

Silkstone Highland Fling

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patoupassions 04/06/2010 15:48

J'adore la 1ère!

karine 24/04/2010 19:15

arggggghhhh, je craque totalement sur la première silk.
Mais je ne l'ai pas gagnée?
flûte, l'espoir fait croire n'importe quoi!

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